Lost Mary OS5000 Review: A New Breed Of Disposable Vape

We’ve brought something out of the ordinary for vape lovers. It’s sleek, stylish, and power-packed. It’ll launch you into space with your first puff. Let us introduce you to Lost Mary OS5000, our dream product in the disposable vape category. The device is integrated with state-of-the-art mech coil technology for ultimate performance. It offers up to 5000 puffs and a rechargeable 650mAh battery for unceasing pleasure. Learn more from us. Scroll down!

Unpacking And First Glance

Lost Mary OS5000 comes in a box packaging with cool sci-fi designs. All the features you would love to know are printed on the cover. The packaging design gets a thumbs up from us. Then, you’ll see the product encased in plastic shrink-wrap inside the box.

As you get hold of OS5000, it feels very premium to the touch. Although it’s a little chunkier, the hand grip is perfect. The charging port is beside the mouthpiece, and the overall look & feel is great. The plastic casing gives the impression of molten lava unlike anything.

Understanding How It Works

The beauty of the vape lies in its simplicity. You’ll not notice the power on/off buttons of Lost Mary OS5000 except for the charging indicator lights at the corner. It activates as you start to inhale the goodness—the heating elements power-ups to vaporize the flavored liquid sensing the inhaling action. Taking in the first puff, the smooth flow and tangy hit will make you exclaim wow.

Pros & Cons Of Lost Mary OS5000

Features Deep-Dive

Let’s explore Lost Mary OS5000 features and its usability from an expert’s perspective. You’ll get to know the device much better.

Style & Utility: Unique Planet Surface Design

This vape stands out with its unique design features. It looks like the bumpy surface of stellar objects inspires its body texture. Plus, it offers a comfortable grip on the pod. The product’s size and profile also make it pocket-friendly.

In my experience, the ergonomic features of Lost Mary OS5000 offer great comfort in usage. You have a clear indication of battery power, a suitably placed charging port, and much more. The device can also complement your style with its futuristic design.

Reliable Mesh Coil Tech

The mesh coil is a revolutionary technology being integrated into vaping pods lately. In my experience, the performance of mesh coil is always top-notch. The puff quality and cloud depth are much better than comparative vaporizing methods. Lost Mary vape also testifies to my claims.

Moreover, the mesh technology is much more reliable than the coil and wick system. The mesh system enhances the vaporization and makes the vaping experience way better.

Diverse Flavor Selection

Lost Mary has the best range of flavors in the vaping world. I’ve been a fan of their flavors for a long time. In my opinion, their taste comes straight from heaven. The flavors are smooth and refreshing. They give you the best kick.

You have over 20 options, and that’s unreal in the disposable vape category. I’ve been using their grape and spearmint flavors, thumbs up to both. The spearmint flavor feels ice-cold and chilling, while the grape flavor is sweeter.

Impressive Puff Counts

I don’t often trust the manufacturer’s claim, but this pod changed my mind. The puff count printed on the box was 5000 to 6000 puffs. I tested my Lost Mary vape to the limits and took as many deep puffs as possible. To your and my surprise, the puff count came out to be above the 5000 mark.

The rechargeable feature ensures the consistency of flavor till the end. Unlike other disposable vapes, you can use this one until the last sip of liquid. The battery anxiety associated with disposable vapes has no place here.

Assess the Performance Of Lost Mary OS5000

This performance assessment is based on my personal experience and the vape experts in my team. We’ve tried and tested the OS5000 to put forward the reviews below.

  • Vapor Quality: A Breath Of Refreshing

Lost Mary OS5000 can make clouds on a sunny day. The mesh tech enables complete vaporization of the liquid, allowing you to make deep vape clouds. The mechanism is so efficient: you can feel the flavor in your head as you inhale. It can refresh you in the Vegas heat too.

I suggest a good selection of flavors. Some deep puffs can give you the unexpected zing. You’ll sway in the clouds you make!

  • User-Friendliness: Simplify The Vaping Journey

Lost Mary OS5000 is a great product that makes vaping seamless. To me, the inhale-activation feature is over the top exciting. You don’t need to play with buttons anymore. It also comes with a rechargeable battery so you’ll no longer waste your liquid due to charge issues. The device has a battery-level indicator, which makes it so convenient to know when to recharge.

In my opinion, this pod has every feature you would require for a smooth vaping experience. Plus, the design attributes are great too.

  • Battery Life: Beyond My Expectation

Undoubtedly, the battery life of Lost Mary OS5000 is matchless. I satisfied my vape cravings repeatedly. The battery didn’t lose me. You may consider the recharge option as an added feature. The battery smoothly runs down as you vape. The indicator turns blue and red as it discharges. You can recharge the battery by connecting it with a type-c cable charger.

Sharing My Overall Experience

After spending time with Lost Mary as my primary vape pod, I’ll briefly summarize my overall experience. Regarding usability, the vape has a remarkable battery life. Highly impressed. The mesh tech does a great job: the vape clouds are deep and pure every time you vape.

The product quality is premium. Plus, the consistency of taste and flavor is exceptional. The manufacturer has also done wonders with the design. It feels like the device has landed from space. Last to mention, the features for ease of usage, like battery level indicator and rechargeable battery, take the vaping experience with disposable vapes to the next level.

Similar Products In The Market

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  • Elf Bar BC5000 Ultra
  • Hyde IQ 5000

Detailed Comparison: Put OS5000 Against Competitors

ProductLost Mary OS500Lost Mary MO5000Elf Bar BC5000
Size48 x 26 x 82 mm31 x 25 x 94.4 mm41 x 19 x 79 mm
E-Liquid Capacity13mL13.5mL13mL
CoilMesh Coil1.2ohm Mesh CoilMesh coil
Adjustable Airflow×
Lifespan2 WeeksOver 2 Weeks2 Weeks

This comparison sums up all. Lost Mary OS5000 is unrivaled in quality and performance. This disposable vape is technologically advanced. The mesh tech integrated within OS5000 boosts its vaping performance. The pure vape clouds make it stand out amongst the competitors. Lastly, in design aesthetics and ergonomics, it also outweighs the rest.

Lost Mary OS5000

Battery Life

Lost Mary MO5000

Battery Life

EB Design BC5000

Battery Life

The Last Puff: My Final Thoughts

It’s time to wrap up this review. Overall, my rating of Lost Mary OS500 is 4.5 out of 5, as per my experience with the product. I’m thrilled by its performance, especially cloud volume and battery life. The pod’s design and features kept me from giving it second thoughts. The way it looks and feels to hold is great. I would recommend this product for casual vaping. Happy vaping, guys!

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