Perfecting The Puff: 10 Ease Vape Tricks And How To Do Them

As a vaping enthusiast, you might’ve seen or been amazed by some incredible vape tricks performed by experienced vapers. Intrigued to display your skill with such tricks? Here, we’re going to take you through a list of the top 10 vape tricks that even beginners can attempt. And a special mention of how a vaping device like Lost Mary could play a role in your vaping journey.

The Ghost Inhale

Begin your vaping journey with the Ghost vape trick, an appealing and straightforward act. In essence, this trick requires you to take a substantial puff without inhaling, creating a ‘ball’ of vapor. Then, release it gently and swiftly inhale it back. This quick action gives the illusion of a ghost appearing and disappearing, hence the name. For beginners, the Ghost Inhale provides an enjoyable introduction to the world of vape tricks, boosting their confidence as they master the technique.

O’s or Smoke Rings

Dive deeper into the world of vape tricks with the classic Smoke Rings, or O’s. This trick borrows from traditional cigarette smoking, offering an intriguing visual spectacle. To achieve this, take a long drag, retain the vapor in your mouth, then form an ‘O’ shape with your lips. The real trick is using your throat to pulse out rings of vapor, which can take some practice. The denser the vapor, the better your rings, making Lost Mary an excellent choice.

The Dragon

Next in line is The Dragon, a  trick sure to evoke intrigue and admiration. This trick gets its name from the mythical creature it mimics, releasing vapor simultaneously through your nostrils and sides of your mouth. It might seem a bit complicated, but a few practice rounds can result in a fantastic, dragon-like display. Perfecting this trick not only enhances your vape trick repertoire but also elevates your status among vaping enthusiasts.

The Waterfall

For an effect as mesmerizing as a cascading waterfall, try The Waterfall trick. To perform this, take a long drag, exhale the vapor into a bottle or a similar container, then slowly pour it out onto a flat surface. The outcome is a heavy waterfall-like vapor effect that’s both spellbinding and satisfying to achieve. Pair this trick with a subtle background light for an enhanced visual treat.

The Tornado

Transform into a storm chaser with The Tornado, a trick that brings a twister to life. By taking a substantial drag and releasing a cloud of vapor onto a flat surface, the stage is set. The crucial part is the ‘chopping’ or flicking motion you apply with your hand, which spins the cloud into a miniature tornado. This trick can be a real crowd-pleaser at social gatherings.

The French Inhale

Add a touch of elegance to your  tricks with the French Inhale, also known as the Irish Waterfall. This trick creates a mesmerizing reverse waterfall effect as the vapor flows out of your mouth and is inhaled through your nostrils. It’s the density and fluidity of the vapor that lends drama and style to this trick, making it a favorite among many vapers.

The Vape Bend

Enter the realm of advanced tricks with the Vape Bend. This trick is all about controlling the direction of the vapor using your hand. The ability to manipulate the vapor’s path and bend it to your will can provide a rewarding sense of mastery over your  tricks.

The Bull Ring

Inspired by the accessory worn by bulls, the Bull Ring vape trick requires precision and timing. You first blow a thick O-ring. Then, lean in and carefully inhale it through your nostrils. It creates the illusion of a bull ring, showcasing your innovative flair with vape tricks.

The Jellyfish

Craving an aquatic aesthetic in your surroundings? Give Jellyfish vape trick a shot. This technique involves expelling a large O-ring and then casting a small vapor puff into its core, effectively creating a likeness to a jellyfish. The captivating visual and playful aspect of this trick truly exemplify the creative opportunities that vaping can present.

The Lasso

Lastly, channel your inner cowboy with The Lasso. This trick involves blowing a large O-ring, then quickly blowing a smaller one through it. The result resembles a lasso swirling in the air, adding an element of fun and excitement to your vaping session. Like all tricks, The Lasso requires practice, but once mastered, it’s a delightful addition to your trick arsenal.

Wrapping It Up With Vapor

Performing vape tricks can provide an intriguing level of entertainment, and it introduces a unique facet of fun to your vaping sessions. Mastering each trick, from the most basic to those that are highly intricate, demands a synthesis of technique refinement, precision, and, of course, the appropriate device.

Lost Mary, with its robust build and quality atomizer, provides excellent vapor production, making it a choice tool for executing these tricks. With its reliable and dense vapor output, mastering the art of vape tricks can be both engaging and exciting.

So, pick up your device and let the fun-filled journey of vape tricks begin. Remember, as with any skill, practice and patience are key. Good luck and happy vaping!

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